Youth Are the Hope for Superman

This is not the Clark Kent version of Superman, but rather Friedrich Nietzsche’s


The 19th- century philosopher came up with his concept of a “Beyond-Man” to show how human beings should aspire to be on a higher plane intellectually and emotionally than they are currently. It has always been more of a theory than an effort to realize it. However, BoDE is a modern-day philosophy that can help achieve this lofty goal. By teaching our young people its principles and how to use them, the possibilities are endless.

Builders of Digital Economy (BoDE) is a philosophy for successfully running a company to keep pace with the technological and digital world we live in today. BoDE’s emphasis centers on the fact that while technological advancements occur daily, the success of a company still depends on the people it employs. BoDE is a methodology that works for any business or organization.

The BoDE Foundation works to promote BoDE’s principles in unique ways, and education is key. BoDE is multi-generational in scope and looks to be a force to provide economic freedom for all as more companies and organizations implement BoDE. With that in mind, the BoDE Foundation wants to reach out to young people and help them to understand the methodology of BoDE as well as implementing it. BoDE allows everyone to achieve Nietzsche’s elusive Superman status. The advantage of working with young people is that they have not built up enough negative experiences and biases against ideas to keep them from learning something new. BoDE empowers an individual in many ways, but its best results are when used with other people who are also BoDE trained. If the youth of the world can learn how to work well with others using the BoDE philosophy, BoDE’s goal of economic freedom for all will be realized sooner rather than later.

We live in a world of great abundance, but many young people do not see the abundance in their lives. BoDE is a way for the success of business and commerce to be available to more people. The younger generation is always the key to the future. They have an energy and a receptiveness to new ideas that aren’t always there with those who have been around for a while. We talk about training young people to carry the torch of humanity; it is time to give them the tools to do just that.

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