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What is BoDE Foundation?

BoDE Foundation is a support system that helps current and future business leaders achieve economic freedom, and, as a result, turn their attention to creating a force for good in the world

BoDE Foundation Model

Practical MBA

We place students at the helm of companies and teach them the skills and mindset they need to succeed

Company Acquisition

We acquire successful businesses from owners who haven’t made an exit plan, giving them a way forward

Investment Opportunity

The companies in the BoDE network become prime opportunities for investors looking for stable earners

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The BoDE Galaxy

The BoDE Galaxy By BoDE Outside of being an amateur or professional astronomer, have you ever looked up at the

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Great Progress Requires Great People

We’re searching for the worlds brightest minds and successful role models to ensure that our students are learning what it takes for companies to succeed while also growing as individuals


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Our Founder & Chairman of the Board, Neil Bhaskar, has been invited to serve on New Jersey’s Restart & Recovery Advisory Council.