Educating the youth to CREATE wealth with 100 hands & SHARE it with 1,000 hands

Learn to Achieve Economic Freedom

What is BoDE Foundation?

BoDE Foundation is a not for profit educational institution, that helps current and budding business leaders to learn the nuances of achieving Economic freedom, and as a result, turn their attention to creating a force for good in the world.

BoDE Educational Programmes

Practical MBA

Students go through classroom, online and On-the Job Training (OJT) to acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills and mindset

Company Ideation & Launch

We help our students visualize their supposed business model, gradually guiding & supporting them develop the same 

Finance & Market Strategy

The final learning of business development comes through the understanding of finance & by strategizing for the market

Latest from BoDE

World War – Covid-19

Previous Next War is hell William Tecumseh Sherman World War – Covid-19 – Srijan K Mondal Almost an entire year was lost from the face

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Our Founder & Chairman of the Board, Neil Bhaskar, has been invited to serve on New Jersey’s Restart & Recovery Advisory Council.