Who We Serve

BoDE Foundation brings together people, companies and investors to achieve economic freedom. We accomplish this by building a network of innovaters and teaching the skills and philosophies needed for success 

Future Entrepreneurs

We’re looking for bright minds who are driven to succeed and use their careers for good. Students in our program are given every opportunity and tool they need to achieve these goals

  • Take the helm of your own company
  • Earn a practical MBA
  • Tap into the BoDE Support Network
  • Achieve Economic Freedom

Acquirable Business

Whether you’re looking to retire or move onto the next phase in your career, we’re looking for successful businesses to add to our network

  • Negotiate a fair price
  • Keep your business in good hands
  • Start your next adventure
  • Contribute to a cause

Potential Investors

BoDE’s network of business represents a carefully curated group of prosperous companies ready for support from intelligent investors

  • Support businesses that make a difference
  • Earn steady returns
  • Simplified investment experience
  • Gain the freedom to do good


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