Who We Serve

BoDE Foundation brings together students, budding entrepreneurs and striving business leaders, for proper utilisation of the BoDE Methodology, helping achieve economic freedom. We accomplish this by building a network of innovators and teaching the skills and philosophies needed for success.

Future Entrepreneurs

We’re looking for bright minds who are driven to succeed and use their careers for good. Students in our program are given every opportunity and tool they need to achieve these goals

  • Learn to take the helm of your own company
  • Earn a practical MBA
  • Tap into the BoDE Support Network
  • Achieve Economic Freedom

Aspiring Students

Our course is designed primarily for 3 types of students. Ranging from individuals with any college degree, ones without a college degree and ones who are already into the job or business field. Accordingly categorized;

  • BoDE Executives
  • BoDE Associates
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

Striving Business Leaders

Owners / Leaders of companies that have met a barrier growth (stagnant in development for past 3 or more years). To whom, a certain mentoring and guidance as stated can help regain velocity. Our teaching guides;

  • Striving businesses to higher growths
  • Improve Customer Perspectives
  • Remodeling of Financial approach
  • Widening perspectives for Go-to-market Strategy

Business Leaders Mentored by BoDE