The Importance of Work Culture

Understanding the Essence of Work Culture

Times change and so do work cultures. It is through change that we ultimately find a better version of ourselves and of the happenings that surround us. It is same with our workplaces, the ambience changes with time and so does the culture within. But only the intention to hold on to a certain work culture that keeps going and changes only for the better, is what makes the workplace eligible to be called as the second home for the employees.

While dealing with the issue of work culture, it is important to look into the fact how it relates to the success of a company. As practised within BoDE Foundation, it is the cultural model of interdependence and success through the efforts of others that is the critical element leading to overall success. We know for a fact that our systems don’t work without our culture. BoDE believes that culture is “the glue that holds it all together.” It’s very difficult to separate the culture and the systems because the systems are written for the culture, and the culture exists for the systems. BoDE culture is described in the company’s mission, values, and belief statements and is reflected in all aspects of the company’s systems, policies, and practices. It would only be logical to say that we need an appropriate organisation culture to reach our full potential.

It is important to understand that a healthy work culture is something that is to be nurtured, based on shared values. The main point of focus should be how much a company must depend on its team compared to the team depending on the company.

A Peek Into Real Life Examples

For instance, when we look at a random social media post by giant companies like Walmart, we find that majority of the times, we do not see marketing or business. Rather we find posts, dedicated to the team members, encouraging them, appraising them and most importantly acknowledging them. It is this small step, that might affect the entire work culture within the company, where the company simply acknowledges the contribution of its members.

Again, when we look into the working strategies of companies like Taco Bell or PepsiCo, we find the main ingredient of success to be the bonding among the team members, the encouragement received from the company, or the lack of micromanagement. Similar aspects can be brought into view for techies like Dell, Google and so on. As reported by esteemed journals, the introduction of the best-known pickup truck worldwide, Ford F-150, was possible only due to efficient planning and execution by the entire team.

Not only is this applicable for world renowned companies, but also start-ups like Utter Nonsense, was created by two friends from Chicago, who relied completely on the team to bring out the result, which proved to be extremely positive. Again, ventures like Ambrotek Printing shares similar stories, where the co-relation between the team and the company, along with the sharing of the same values and co-habiting within the work culture has brought out unbelievable results, leading the company towards great successes.

Hence, to sum it up we come to the fact that work culture, company values, mutual respect and acknowledgement are some very basics that shape the overall structure of any business or company. And it is through these elements that a company and its team does co-exist and strive as one towards a unified goal.


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