The Changing face of logistics

There was a time when letters were sent through people, amidst loved ones. There came a
time when postal service became a common aspect of human lives; be it a letter of
pleasantries, or a job offer letter; be it a very simple single sentence information or a highly
confidential envelope, a postman was supposed to carry the baggage on his shoulders, and
deliver it from one person to the other. But, what happens to parcels that do not fit into an
envelope? What happens to materials that come in bulk and are to travel across a long
distance? It was the time, the courier service came into function, and made the lives of
people a lot easier.

In today’s world, with fast paced lives and the steady rise of internet, we have
become dependent on speed. A time when e-mails have completely replaced handwritten
letters, and multitasking has become the breath of aspiring achievers; a time when shops
and eateries have lesser people but more of packagings; a time when ‘E-commerce’ is the
key to daily needs, we tend to move further than where we were. From selling within
localities, we ought to look for customers across the globe. And a major requirement to
expand any business, in this field of work, falls on the house of Supply Chain Management.

A supply chain is comprised of all the businesses and individual contributors involved in
creating a product, from raw materials to finished merchandise. One of such organizations
of the present day, that helps businesses grow and connect to their clients, is functioning in
full swing, having facilities on the West Coast & East Coast, of USA. The most striking
point of each facility is their area, over 150,000 square feet, unmatched cleanliness, and
friendly customer service and support. Hence, a well – known name of the states, famous
for their 3PL Warehouse and Supply facility, is NovEx Supply Chain

Why does NovEx grab the spotlight?

NovEx is different from any other logistics service provider as the difference lies in the
passion and dedication to their partners. The entire team at NovEx believes that the very
primary job they do is that of empowering others. It is believed by the 3PL partners that
‘Individual fulfillment comes through empowering others’.

Warehouse, logistics, partnership are not merely jobs, but a huge part of the lives of all
who are connected to NovEx Supply Chain. With an extremely efficient team of dedicated
professionals, NovEx not only fulfils orders, but has also become a part of life for major
businesses. The rising company through their service has already created a huge reputation
among the Memphis and Utah crowd.

Since their very early stage of formation and till date, NovEx has always been one of the
most successful companies, mentored by BoDE Foundation. Just like a genius shows signs
from the very early age of childhood, a great example of a genius student, having a large
impact on the community, NovEx is a name that has the potential to shine. A shine that is
to be adored and celebrated.