The Art of Action


Do you know what one of the most common and most wasteful activities found in many companies and organizations is?



It is when they spend the money and take the time to research and compile a strategic plan that sets down how things will progress over the next five years or so. Then the next time it is closely looked at is five years down the road when it is time to put together the next plan!

Many individuals, businesses, and organizations are great at coming up with plans. However, implementation becomes a forgotten step. It leads to frustration, coming up short against goals, and could very well lead to a revolving door of people coming in and out of leadership positions, which only gives you more problems and frustrations.

While this planning without implementation is a problem, so is acting without planning. Both cases inevitably lead to poor performance that can adversely affect both a company and the people running it. One of the Holy Grails of management is finding a way to minimize both issues and have a middle ground that promotes stability, progress, and success. The BoDE philosophy and methodology enables any organization – big or small – find that sweet spot! BoDE stands for Builders of Digital Economy and dovetails smoothly with the sophisticated technical world we experience today. The name BoDE came about based on the story of Buddha having his awakening moment while sitting under a fig tree. In Sanskrit, the word for this eureka moment of his is “Bhodi.” BoDE can be a company’s “eureka” moment!

BoDE possesses the components of another Eastern discipline called Karma yoga, also called Karma marga. This spiritual practice promotes the selfless action performed for the benefit of others. Simply stated, Karma yoga is a path to reach spiritual moksha or liberation through work. It emphasizes doing the correct action without worrying about what you might receive by doing it. Karma yoga celebrates doing the right thing for its own sake. When you think about business, doesn’t it make sense if people do their job with an attitude of always wanting to do their best? Imagine the obstacles you can avoid or overcome with that philosophy.

BoDE works whether a company is a start-up or has been around for twenty-five years. It allows the company’s leaders to study and rank business functions and resources to determine how to achieve aggressive organic growth. It enables a business to make use of its number one resource to be successful – the PEOPLE. Finally, it brings a framework and policies to a company that can be used from top to bottom. BoDE is something fully integrated throughout an organization. One problem a business has, especially a start-up, is establishing a way of running the organization. Some companies have issues because they are always bringing in the “fad of the day” by which they try to steer the company. That brings confusion and frustration into the mix on the part of all staff and workers. With BoDE, a company has the advantage of using the collective power of all employees to point in the same direction towards success.

At this point, a business has everyone contributing through their action. It becomes more than doing something for a paycheck or more stock options. BoDE creates an environment of people wanting to do well because that is what is expected. This unleashes other benefits previously unrealized. People discover that they can have fun with what they do while increasing their standard of living. It also allows for expansion into other areas and provides opportunities for others to stretch their entrepreneurial muscles. BoDE has unlimited potential for what it can do for a person, a company, or the world!

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