Businesses being lifesavers, in crisis

As time gets tougher, there grows more and more hands to fall back upon. This statement is proven to be a fact by those, with whom we are more familiar to in the developing technologies and the industrial sector. It has been observed in recent times that as more and more cases of Covid hits the world, some industrial giants take the helm to be of help to those in need.

In the last few decades, we got familiar with the rise of various start-ups and businesses, that need no introduction, to the mass consumers round the globe. Here we do speak of start-ups that cover fields of operation stretching from food to online coaching, from affordable stays, easy conveyance to manual help at doorstep. Here we speak of companies that not only reached the peak of their business, but also infiltrated almost every household through a single click on the smartphone screens.

The headline on the news have been the initiatives taken by companies like Uber, Zomato, Oyo, Paytm and so on, who have come forward to act extensively in order to uplift the situation during the global pandemic situation. These initiatives include facilities specially designed for the employees and their families. For instance, Indian start-ups like Urban Company, ByJu’s and Unacademy pool their available resources topping it up with some donations, in order to create a certain fund for their employees who have been affected by or have succumbed to death due to Covid. These funds are to be utilised for their treatments or to be given to their families to support their loss of an earning member. Also, certain companies have made set ups for treatment, vaccination or are even providing jobs and a continuation in the salaries for the family members of the deceased. Special task forces have been prepared in order to take rapid action in the time of emergency, for conveyance to the hospital, emergency doctor consultation, medicinal support, food supplies and so on. Not only are these task forces deployed in order to provide physical help, there are also trained personnels to help a person in need from the psychological viewpoint.




Also, some companies introduce options and helps that can be availed by people, irrespective of the fact If they are connected to the companies or not. In this case, start-ups like Oyo, are providing extended space to the treatment centres, by opening up their hotel premises to be turned into Covid relief centres, as many people are facing crisis of beds in hospitals or isolation centres. This initiative, is acting as a big help with regards to mass scale treatment at the same time. Uber, is highly promoting their introduction to free rides to all of whom are to travel to and fro, for their vaccination jabs.

Apart from these companies, there are certain other companies like Zomato, Paytm, Cred who have joined hands in supporting companies and non-profit organizations like Gurgaon Enterprises and Milaap Foundation in India, in order to setup healthcare structures, supporting the availability and supply of essentials like Oxygen concentrators and various kinds of medical requirements. They are also donating large amounts of money into Covid relief funds, so that a fraction of the large-scale crisis can be met with. These steps, from some of the well-known companies and organizations, during the time of great crisis, are proof that humanity has not completely been lost into the shadows of money making and selfish visions. These are steps that encourage us to look ahead to brighter days, and to step out ourselves into the world, contributing the tiniest possible bit from our end, in order to restore the peace and harmony within the mankind, and to end countless nights of fear and suffering.