As Green Businesses Thrive So Shall a Healthy Planet

As the COP26 or ‘Conference of the Parties’ met for the 26th time, with close to a hundred world leaders descending on Glasgow in Scotland to discuss issues relating to the impending climate crisis, it is now more than ever pertinent to talk about cleantech and the role it is to play in the coming decades in helping the world economy transition over to a net-zero carbon emission one. With major players pledging upwards of $130 trillion of private capital to help decarbonize the economy, the future looks very bright for startups, making a difference in terms of going green but acting as wealth creators and consequently helping uplift all of humanity as well. Big unicorns such as Zomato and Swiggy have taken a tough stance regarding this issue with their eco-conscious delivery strategies debuting. Not to mention, the Indian ride-hailing giant Ola Cabs entering the EV market having commenced manufacturing and shipping electric two-wheelers out of their ‘Ola FutureFactory’ in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the largest two-wheeler manufacturing plant in the world. To this effect, the Govt of Tamil Nadu has signed an MoU with Ola worth close to $300 million. Great strides are also being made in material science, with startups looking to replace plastic products with biodegradable alternatives while retaining the same characteristics that made plastics popular and universal in the first place.


We at BoDE believe that a healthier world begins with a healthier planet. We ensure that the business practices of those associated with us will protect the environment. It should come as no surprise then that our methodology and core values such as ‘Man Vs. Nature’, which implies ‘doing no harm to nature’ necessitate that we associate ourselves with ventures that place great emphasis on sustainably providing quality goods and services even if they are not directly involved in developing cleantech technologies. It is imperative that producers shift their focus and not only develop but utilize green technologies such as green transportation methods, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, among others, all the while cutting down on waste as much as possible, if we are to see successive generations and humanity as a whole flourish and thrive.


In conclusion, despite the many grave concerns that climate change brings with it, it also presents us with an opportunity for human ingenuity and drive to shine. It is an opportunity for the upliftment of millions by way of their ideas becoming a reality while helping and healing the planet in the process.


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