Educating the youth to CREATE wealth with 100 hands & SHARE it with 1,000 hands

Learn to Achieve Economic Freedom

What is BoDE Foundation?

BoDE Foundation is a not for profit educational institution, that helps current and budding business leaders to learn the nuances of achieving Economic freedom, and as a result, turn their attention to creating a force for good in the world.

BoDE Educational Programmes

Practical MBA

Students go through classroom, online and On-the Job Training (OJT) to acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills and mindset

Company Ideation & Launch

We help our students visualize their supposed business model, gradually guiding & supporting them develop the same 

Finance & Market Strategy

The final learning of business development comes through the understanding of finance & by strategizing for the market

Latest from BoDE

Evaluating True Success

Evaluating True Success Leadership is about vision and responsibility and not power. Seth Berkley We are very much familiar with the concept of one person

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The World beyond office

The world beyond office Every morning, an individual past the age of 18, being completed with his or her basic education, has to step out

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Our Founder & Chairman of the Board, Neil Bhaskar, has been invited to serve on New Jersey’s Restart & Recovery Advisory Council.