Ray of hope amidst all chaos

The year 2020, had created a deep mark on the path of human life and development, throughout the world. With the onset of the COVID-19 caused due to the SARS-CoV2 virus, we were first-hand witnesses to a Global Pandemic.

Although, some countries after going through variegated lockdown measures followed by minutely targeted treatments, have been able to somehow shake off the clutches of the Pandemic. But, it cannot be assured that the virus as a whole has been completely eradicated. The most essential need of the hour was an extreme level of development and contribution from the Medical and the scientific sectors of the world.

Despite strenuous medical efforts, there has been thousands of deaths in the US and the rest of the world. The very reason being the lack of complete cure or a direct vaccine.

Whenever a new disease spreads, there occurs a dire need for an effective Vaccine. But, developing one, requires immense research and trials involving hundreds and thousands of Scientific brains, working for one single cause. Before coming into effect, a vaccine has to pass through some rigorous methods, where continuous cause and effects are tested. Mainly through Early Research, Pre-Clinical trials, Clinical Trials & IND. Keeping this in mind, a question may arise;

What is the Present condition of Vaccine Development?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 70 potential vaccines were in the development process, by scientists and researchers around the globe. Thanks to the unending efforts of medical science, there are now several vaccines that are in use. The first mass vaccination programme started in early December 2020 and as of 15th February 2021, 175.3 million vaccine doses have been administered. At least 7 different vaccines (3 platforms) have been administered.

As per WHO, the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the pandemic will depend on several factors. These include the effectiveness of the vaccines; how quickly they are approved, manufactured, and delivered; the possible development of other variants and how many people get vaccinated.

Whilst trials have shown several COVID-19 vaccines to have high levels of efficacy, like all other vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines will not be 100% effective. WHO is working to help ensure that approved vaccines are as effective as possible, so they can have the greatest impact on the pandemic. Despite all the efforts, we are still under a pall of fear, unsure of one major fact;

How safe are we?

Although, scientists, governments, public servants, health workers, and all conscious people tried their level best to prevent the further spread of the disease, while the vaccines were being developed, success rate resulted to be considerably negative.

The overall pattern of the pandemic so far has been one of increasing cases of COVID-19, with a surge in the summer and a larger one in the fall. Some locations that saw a high number of coronavirus infections early on, followed by a decline, are having a “second wave” of increased cases.


We are prepared!

Although, the world fears about the returning of the virus with greater vigour, it forgets what we already have. As is said, “necessity is the mother of invention”; this pandemic has forced us to invent alternate ways to move ahead, while risk factor still persists.

Lockdowns and the phobia of getting contaminated, did keep us apart, from work, from education, from a normal social life. But it is also true that we have learnt to come closer through the online modes. Even a majority of corporate employees had to agree to the fact that their teams produced better results, when working remotely. Young mothers, who had to sacrifice their careers to take care of their young ones, could re-join work, as sitting in front of a laptop did not take them fully away from their toddlers. It was the long stretch of time at home, that made us feel the beauty of being with the family, as well as made us manifolds concerned about the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Development and exchange of the vaccines, reduced the gaps between countries, making the metaphysical Pangea a closer reality.

It was this huge unrest created by a pandemic, that shook the world till its core; made certainly made the human race, more evolved and stronger. It is due to this reason, that we stand strong, facing any further challenge that comes our way. Be it the second wave, or any other impending whatnots, we have learnt how to deal with them, and ultimately to emerge victorious.