BoDE: A Business Accelerator Framework

The book, BoDE: Builders of Digital Economy – A Business Accelerator Framework is an accumulation of knowledge gained from academics, philosophy, hard work, and experience.


Written by Neil Bhaskar, who in this book combined both the theory of entrepreneurship which stems from his time at the most prestigious Institutions such as IIT-K, IIM-C and Harvard Business School, and its practical aspects which were drawn from his time running a multitude of successful business ventures across various industries.

To make any company operate smoothly, it is the people who have to be taken into account in every aspect and “with its focus on human capital, BoDE meets the challenge of unleashing human potential.” The book’s attention to the human element in business uses principles like this which form the philosophy guiding the book which can be summed up in, “you don’t bet on a strategy; you bet on people.”

The author wanted to share the lessons learnt during his entrepreneurship journey during which he also took people under his wing to guide them towards success. His belief that sharing knowledge with others is what happiness is all about is what inspired him to come up with the idea for this book. And who better to share it with than the new generations who are yet to realise their full potential?

The book was written in a style that would appeal to students from senior school up to postgraduate level. The author’s aim was to make knowledge about entrepreneurship easily understood by students, helping more people become entrepreneurs in the process.


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