As Green Businesses Thrive So Shall a Healthy Planet As the COP26 or ‘Conference of the Parties’ met for the 26th time, with close to a hundred world leaders descending on Glasgow in Scotland to discuss issues relating to the impending climate crisis, it is now more than ever pertinent to talk about cleantech and […]

The Importance of Work Culture

The Importance of Work Culture Understanding the Essence of Work Culture Times change and so do work cultures. It is through change that we ultimately find a better version of ourselves and of the happenings that surround us. It is same with our workplaces, the ambience changes with time and so does the culture within. […]

The Shaping of Growth through Human Capital

                           The Shaping of Growth through Human Capital Perspective through Economics People who have studied basic Economics have learnt that for any business to be established, it is essential to have the existence of four major elements. The first is Land, which implies […]

Businesses being lifesavers, in crisis

Businesses being lifesavers, in crisis As time gets tougher, there grows more and more hands to fall back upon. This statement is proven to be a fact by those, with whom we are more familiar to in the developing technologies and the industrial sector. It has been observed in recent times that as more and […]

Evaluating True Success

Evaluating True Success Leadership is about vision and responsibility and not power Seth Berkley We are very much familiar with the concept of one person or a group of people, coming along, having a big dream within, starting some venture and someday with due course of time that little venture turns into something humongous and […]

Reduced footfalls lets the world breathe

Reduced footfalls lets the world breathe Sharing food, caring for infants, and building social networks helped our ancestors meet the daily challenges of their environments. Over time, early humans began to gather at hearths and shelters to eat and socialize. As brains became larger and more complex, growing up took longer—requiring more parental care and […]

The World beyond office

The world beyond office Every morning, an individual past the age of 18, being completed with his or her basic education, has to step out of their homes, as a move towards their livelihoods. Be it a daily job, or their very own entrepreneurial venture, be it meeting with a client or be it running […]

Time driving Entrepreneurship

Previous Next Time driving Entrepreneurship When times are tough, we often search for various paths to achieve easy success. Although, success does not come easily, the debate remains tough, as of how to achieve it. As a result of this debate a big question arises into the minds of the young generation, whether to be […]

World War – Covid-19

Previous Next War is hell William Tecumseh Sherman World War – Covid-19 – Srijan K Mondal Almost an entire year was lost from the face of the earth, due to the great pandemic of Covid-19. A year that was witness to a series of death throughout the world. It has been often stated by experts […]

Ray of hope amidst all chaos

Previous Next Ray of hope amidst all chaos The year 2020, had created a deep mark on the path of human life and development, throughout the world. With the onset of the COVID-19 caused due to the SARS-CoV2 virus, we were first-hand witnesses to a Global Pandemic. Although, some countries after going through variegated lockdown […]