Our Team

It takes good people to make good things happen, so we’ve worked hard to assemble the best. Our team is comprised of skilled individuals who share a record of success and a passion for progress


Neil Bhaskar Founder & Chairman of the Board

Neil created the BoDE Foundation to train future business leaders, revitalize struggling companies, and provide economic freedom for young people with burgeoning careers. He is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and dedicated to bridging the economic divide to create a more harmonious world.

Neil has a history of creating companies in the fields of technology, nutraceutical and logistics, including a career on Wall Street. But his passion for these sectors goes beyond individual entities and expands into nonprofit work. His commitment to working with schools and disabled youth spans more than 21 years.

Neil’s education includes a B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT, an M.B.A. from IIM and an O.P.M. from Harvard Business School.

Ajay Agrawal Advisory Board Member

Entrepreneur & Investor, CTO & COO experience in Fintech organizations

Dr. Dinesh Patel Board Member

Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and GP at V-Spring Partners

Ryan Rees Board Member & CFO

Managing Partner, Hartle & Rees, a public accounting firm

John Burns Board Member

CFO & Visiting Professor of International Business

Jason Meyer Board Member

Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Jetline Group

Gene S. Godick Advisory Board Member

Managing Partner at G Squared Partners LLC

Bernie Leone Advisory Board Member

Partner at Retiree E&Y and Withum Smith and Brown

Yadvendra Sahai Executive Director India

CEO experience in Corporate and Not-for-profit organizations

BJ Thomson Managing Partner

Managing Partner & COO of Milestone Financial Engineers

Bryan V. Whiting CTO

COO of Milestone Financial Engineers LLC