About BoDE

BoDE Foundation is working to build a community that will make a positive change in the world. We believe that helping that community achieve economic freedom is our first step.

Our Vision

BoDE is a place of learning. Our philosophy and methodology create businesses that help humanity flourish. Together, we will spark a movement that builds more prosperous and harmonious communities throughout the world

Our Values

Man Vs. Nature

A healthier world begins with a healthier planet. We ensure that your business practices will protect the environment

Man Vs. Man

Individuals are strengthened by strong communities. We teach methodologies that lift those around us

Man Vs. Self

At the core of every healthy society are well-balanced individuals. Our students learn how to find inner harmony

Our Mission

We’re raising a generation of entrepreneurs who will achieve economic freedom and use that positive momentum to foster the communities around them and impact the world

BoDE Methodology

Making a difference goes beyond simply having a desire to do so. 

Our program helps you gather the time, resources, and capital to spread your positive influence across the globe.

Anatomy of a Company

We help our students understand how companies function, and how to diagnose the parts that aren’t working

Human Capital

We provide companies in our network with the skilled people they need to handle every facet of the business

BoDE Framework

We teach specific formal policies and practices that create organization, stability, and clarity within a company

BoDE Framework

The BoDE framework has been developed to teach each of the core components needed to create and sustain a successful company

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Our Team

It takes good people to make good things happen, so we’ve worked hard to assemble the best. Our team is comprised of skilled individuals who share a record of success and a passion for progress


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